Livecam Journal

Each webcam may have its own Livecam Journal!
Connect any number of livecams and view events online from anywhere.

Future of artificial intelligence for live cams
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Livecam Journal

Livecam Journal helps to identify the target information by displaying only relevant events from the entire video stream. The application saves disc space and equipment costs, thanks to ai-processing.
The complete video record will be played only upon the occurrence of one or other specific events.

Livecam video surveillance
This will significantly reduce your equipment and server RAID requirements and thereby minimize the total network load. For instance, Livecam Journal will analyze movements in the frame and automatically display recorded events of people, cars, the appearance of unidentified objects, or light flashes, doing so through miniaturized images.
The system is capable of analyzing video from multiple web cameras, recording events, and performing actions as per settings (sending of messages, opening of the boom gate, etc.).

Livecam online
Such an approach allows the operator to focus on important events or particularly urgent tasks.
The application can perform the following tasks:

  • detection of moving people or vehicles;
  • etection of objects by shapes;
  • recognition of car license plates;
  • unattended objects within restricted areas;
  • opposing-traffic-flow movement;
  • detection of objects that disappear from the field of view (theft control).
  • recognition of QR codes imprinted in ID cards;
  • detection of people in crowded environments

Video from different DVR and web cameras can be processed via the Livecam Journal video server. You can now implement a more agile, ai smart video surveillance without having to waste money on expensive DVR.
Today, there's a computer with ai can follow what's happening in your house or backyard. You can safely follow event journal through your own mobile phone or any other PC.
Livecam Journal

  • Anywhere, anytime access with the Livecam Journal
  • Keeping an eye on your business
  • Secure your Belongings
  • Watch all of your cameras at once
  • Stay connected with your children or parents.
  • Invasion Alert

    Livecam Journal based on Ai (Artificial intelligence)

    LiveCam Journal
    Livecam for business and homeowners is designed for those who don't want to bother with complicated and expensive systems.
    Stable, reliable and user friendly
    Convenient, reliable video surveillance for your home and small business.
    All you need is your webcam, an Internet connection and you don't need to be an expert to get started.
    Livecam Events
    Keep an eye on things at home, when you are away. You are able to easily monitor events in your home. You can leverage mobile apps, events and notifications.
    · Easily manage a large number of web cameras.
    · Connect cameras from multiple locations to the Cloud.
    · You can connect webcams from unlimited number of physical locations, all while organizing ip cameras through intuitive program's interface.
    · Lets you easily connect all your webcams with cloud-based solution.
    · Quickly find and watch relevant events in Live Camera Journal.
    · Track events from ai motion detections.
    · Save bandwidth & protect your privacy.
    · Record only when you're not at home or office.
    · Computer keep an eye on your property to ensure that everything is OK.
    · Broadcast publicly and promote your business by easily embedding live camera footage to your website.
    · Take your broadcast public or keep it private with the option to set up password protection.
    · Get a notification when someone stays on or around your property for an extended period of time.
    · Get notified in Live Camera Journal when a person or an object crosses it.