IP Camera Live Journal

The Future of Video Surveillance is Here - Web Camera Pro and Its AI Technology!

Web Camera Pro allows for the creation of a live journal for each video surveillance device, making it possible to keep a record of events in real-time mode. With the help of artificial intelligence technologies, the program can detect objects in the video, recognize faces and license plates, and record this information in chronological order in a diary by the time and date of the event.
The Web Camera Pro program is compatible with IP cameras, which are network-based cameras that transmit data over the internet. This makes it possible to access the live journal from anywhere in the world, using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The Web Camera Pro program is an innovative and practical solution for monitoring and managing security in various environments. The ability to keep a live journal in real-time mode for each video surveillance device is a powerful tool that allows for the detailed recording of events and the filtering out of unwanted noise. With the advancements in artificial intelligence technologies, the program is set to become even more advanced and efficient in the future.

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Camera Motion Detector
Transform your phone into a state-of-the-art smart camera for effective object detection and video surveillance. Once the camera detects a person in the frame, the application promptly saves the video either to your phone's storage or to the Video Surveillance Cloud server. The ingenious smart detector ensures that video recording only initiates when motion is detected, saving you precious memory and storage space.